Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bits 'N' Pieces

As I was looking over photographs from my recent trip up to Sedona, AZ it occurred to me that my focus can be on just one bit or piece of the whole picture. When I take pictures it is not always about capturing the view. When you are in a place like Sedona it is hard not to find a great view.

I looked at the color of the sky yesterday and really wanted my good camera with a polarizing lens. I only had my phone, which takes nice pictures. It could not capture the variety of blue shades in the afternoon sky or the intense glow of the red rocks at sunset. Not that the camera can capture everything but I would have had more options to play around documenting that moment. I made mental notes, I hope the photos will help me recall those colors, as I use the references for a bit or piece in future works.

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