Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My Backyard

Sometimes all the inspiration you need can be found in your backyard. This season has had more rain then last year. I have become mildly obsessed with the clouds. Now how to I incorporate them into my wildlife and nature work. Maybe birds flying with the clouds to the background or a big old mesquite tree with the clouds filling the space in-between the branches.

Each morning as I watch the sun rise from behind the mountains, watching the color changes in the sky, the clouds, the mountains have become a moment to meditate. Watching the birds fly to the feeder, the flowers, hang on the branches, chase each other around. Have not seen as many coyote in the morning but still hear them calling at night.

The flowers are coming out, new leaves are on the little leaf paloverde. Nests are being built in the saguaro cactus and the temperatures are rising. We have peach faced parrots taking up residence in the saguaro this year. Our hummingbirds are still working out establishing who's territory is who's.

The inspiration is everywhere, I do see a few hummingbird paintings coming over the next few weeks. Walk out your back door and just look around to be inspired.

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