Monday, March 30, 2015

Down And Dirty

Doing a mural can be messy work but doing one on the ground makes it twice as interesting. This weekend I was participating at the Chalk Art Festival in Tucson. I was one of two artists selected to work inside on a prepared surface instead of out side on concrete in 95 degree temp's. These murals are not meant to be permanent. The surface I worked on was tar paper used in roofing mounted on wood. It took the pastel well but it was hard to get a solid surface. So when you are given lemons, you make lemonade. The background rock wall and sand did well with the black paper coming through. The animals made due, the sky was more work then it needed to be but it came together. I went through about 7-8 sticks of blue to fill in the sky.

This event is hosted by the Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance. They have another event coming up in Phoenix - Scottsdale area April  18th. This event is held at several locations, I will be at Desert Ridge Shopping Center. This is a one day event only. To find out more details or become involved yourself check the web site:

Here are a few pictures from some of the artists this weekend. Thanks to a nice lady at Park Place for taking a picture of me with my iphone. Thank you to Judy Johnson who stopped by and took some pictures. Judy and I had never met  before, we have a friend in common, Lori Edwards Goldman. I enjoyed meeting new people, talking art to young and old. My favored was a little boy who was trying to convince his mother she needed to buy my mural for his room. Made me smile!

mural by linda harrison-parsons

mural by Ruben Moreno

mural by Jose Ignacio Garcia

mural by Martin Quintanilla

photo by Judy Johnson

photo by Judy Johnson

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