Thursday, March 26, 2015

Dots and Dashes

I was looking through my files of photographs. Many of which are animals, no real surprise there. When I take pictures I take the over all shot, the face/portrait shot, then I zoom in for the details. The patterns, the dots and dashes.

I was planning to title this blog dot dash dot, wanted to see what I was saying in Morse Code. Come to find out a single dot is the letter E, a single dash is the letter T which is ET! Guess we all need to phone home sometimes. I checked to see what the pattern for ART was: .- A .-. R - T all together    .- .-. -

The patterns, dots and dashes of animals are much easier to read. These close ups allow me to see the direction fur goes, the many colors that may be within each dot or dash. They are what help me ...---... (SOS) be a better artist. A little help here and there is always a good thing.

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