Monday, February 2, 2015

What's Next???

It is February, now that the January challenge is over what is next? Lots and lots I hope - this weekend I got the paints out, I could not get myself to paint in oils for this years challenge. Last year I used it to get back into painting with oils. This year was more about prep and finishing some larger pieces in pastel or charcoal.

The prep is paying off, I have several paintings under way. I did some of the sketching over the last month, now getting backgrounds and dark colors established. Today will be real painting, sitting at the easel and hopefully making art. I may even have to take the easel outside.

Along with painting this month, there will be paper making, a little book making, some Art Walks to check out new shows in town and a bit of travel. Paper making is this weekend, Friday - Saturday & Sunday. If you are interested there is room for a few more.  Just email me to let me know if you want more info or plan to come.

Some of the pieces for the 30-30 challenge have been submitted for shows - will keep you posted on when and where they end up. But, have had some inquires on pricing of different works. Some of the graphite pieces were done in my sketchbooks. I will not sell the original but will have prints. This months special will be a  print of the Day 1 owl sketch, available for just $20.15 plus shipping if you would like it matted additional $15.00 single mat $25.00 double mat. The pastels vary in pricing and size, email  me with any questions.

That wraps up the 30-30 challenge for this year. Will I do it again, not sure, we shall see, if I need a little kick start - maybe.  For show and workshop information check my web site for updates. I will post new works from the challenge and new paintings as they are done.

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