Saturday, February 28, 2015

Head In The Clouds

I took a drive up to Cottonwood, just under two hours one way. It was a good day to get my head back in the game and out of the clouds. February has been a blur, as we draw closer to March it does not look to slow down.

I stopped in the Manheim Gallery on Main Street in Cottonwood, the owner, Patt remembered me from last year. We talked shop and I left the 12x36 elephant oil painting with her. In a couple weeks I will bring more work and be part of the core group of artists she represents.

It is good to have a new gallery out west and a little inspiration to create new works. Back east, The Little Gallery at Smith Mountain Lake received many new works for the upcoming big March sale. I just had a piece accepted into a show in Tubac, AZ. More shows to come, need to spend some solid time working either in the studio or plain aire. Head out of the clouds and now focused.

"Never Forget" 12x36 oil @ Manheim Gallery, Cottonwood, AZ

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