Monday, February 23, 2015

Back On Solid Ground

Yesterday had it's share of ups, downs, and delays. It is good to be back on solid ground. 
Flying out of small airports can be a challenge all to itself but add in snow-ice and there will be cancellation. My Saturday flight got cancelled but got new flights set up for Sunday. Things looked good to go but just as we got to the airport notices of delays. The first two would make me miss my connection. Had to change both flights to make it work. 
Delay #1 - 2:30 flight now leaves at 5:15 pm. So, Rick & I went into Roanoke, VA in hopes of going to the art museum or galleries. Most were closed on Sunday's for winter hours or because of snow. Not much open but bars and restaurants. We stopped in Billy's and had some app's & libations. 
Rick drops me back at the airport making sure the plane is in route that I will take before he leaves. 
Delay #2 get to Charlotte, NC no snow which is good but because of delays elsewhere - delays for there. They tell us 10:00 pm before we will flight out. Then change our gate not to bad just a few rows down.
Delay#3  change of time for the better 8:30 now but another gate change in a whole different area - arrive E terminal go to D then to C.
Delay #4 As I was listening to the flight attendants that were to be on the Charlotte to Phoenix flight talk. They said most likely the flight would be moved to another gate. They did call that one right. I got emails and phone calls that told me that too. Plus they made announcements but these two did not hear them. They apparently were waiting in the other area while we were waiting for them to arrive.
Delayed the time to leave Charlotte at 9:00 woo hoo we are on the plane!
Delay #5 the plane could not take off because there was a paperwork computer problem in the terminal. Some power that be had to fax a piece of paper for the Captain to sign or have not sure but we are in the air almost there.
Delay #6  we land in AZ but we have to wait to get to a gate.
Delay #7 the skywalk won't move so we now have no way to get off the plane. A little more waiting and they get it fixed.
Now just to catch the shuttle to get to the house. Four stops later - I am here - I am in AZ. 
It was a long day, happy to be on solid ground, be back in AZ. The hard part is leaving those people I love.  

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