Saturday, February 28, 2015

Head In The Clouds

I took a drive up to Cottonwood, just under two hours one way. It was a good day to get my head back in the game and out of the clouds. February has been a blur, as we draw closer to March it does not look to slow down.

I stopped in the Manheim Gallery on Main Street in Cottonwood, the owner, Patt remembered me from last year. We talked shop and I left the 12x36 elephant oil painting with her. In a couple weeks I will bring more work and be part of the core group of artists she represents.

It is good to have a new gallery out west and a little inspiration to create new works. Back east, The Little Gallery at Smith Mountain Lake received many new works for the upcoming big March sale. I just had a piece accepted into a show in Tubac, AZ. More shows to come, need to spend some solid time working either in the studio or plain aire. Head out of the clouds and now focused.

"Never Forget" 12x36 oil @ Manheim Gallery, Cottonwood, AZ

Monday, February 23, 2015

Back On Solid Ground

Yesterday had it's share of ups, downs, and delays. It is good to be back on solid ground. 
Flying out of small airports can be a challenge all to itself but add in snow-ice and there will be cancellation. My Saturday flight got cancelled but got new flights set up for Sunday. Things looked good to go but just as we got to the airport notices of delays. The first two would make me miss my connection. Had to change both flights to make it work. 
Delay #1 - 2:30 flight now leaves at 5:15 pm. So, Rick & I went into Roanoke, VA in hopes of going to the art museum or galleries. Most were closed on Sunday's for winter hours or because of snow. Not much open but bars and restaurants. We stopped in Billy's and had some app's & libations. 
Rick drops me back at the airport making sure the plane is in route that I will take before he leaves. 
Delay #2 get to Charlotte, NC no snow which is good but because of delays elsewhere - delays for there. They tell us 10:00 pm before we will flight out. Then change our gate not to bad just a few rows down.
Delay#3  change of time for the better 8:30 now but another gate change in a whole different area - arrive E terminal go to D then to C.
Delay #4 As I was listening to the flight attendants that were to be on the Charlotte to Phoenix flight talk. They said most likely the flight would be moved to another gate. They did call that one right. I got emails and phone calls that told me that too. Plus they made announcements but these two did not hear them. They apparently were waiting in the other area while we were waiting for them to arrive.
Delayed the time to leave Charlotte at 9:00 woo hoo we are on the plane!
Delay #5 the plane could not take off because there was a paperwork computer problem in the terminal. Some power that be had to fax a piece of paper for the Captain to sign or have not sure but we are in the air almost there.
Delay #6  we land in AZ but we have to wait to get to a gate.
Delay #7 the skywalk won't move so we now have no way to get off the plane. A little more waiting and they get it fixed.
Now just to catch the shuttle to get to the house. Four stops later - I am here - I am in AZ. 
It was a long day, happy to be on solid ground, be back in AZ. The hard part is leaving those people I love.  

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


I love those Ta-Da moments, yesterday's ta-da was getting all the paper making equipment packed and put away. Doesn't sound like it would be all that hard but it does get a bit overwhelming, draining the water off the pulp, storing the pulp drying it out or putting it in the freezer. I opted for both. Making sure everything is dry before putting in back in those big plastic tubs. Ta-Da! Done!

On top of that I finished the Bengal Eagle Owl which will go to a gallery in Virginia for March show - again Ta-Da! My studio is looking like a studio again now that everything is off the tables. It was a good - hard working day yesterday. Today won't be any less hard, lots of miscellaneous projects to put to rest. But, for now I will take this morning and enjoy the TA-DA!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Let's Review

Last week was a bit busy. To review, it was a good week, lots of time in the studio. I have 3 paintings almost done to bring back east for shows in March and April. Got together with friends for Art Walk on Thursday night in Old Scottsdale. It is high season for the arts and it was a lively evening. Paper making workshop was this weekend too. Still debating if I should pull a few more pieces before breaking it all down.

Not as much time in the studio this week, appointments, meetings, etc... so today will be the final touches, last pull for paper and clean up all the stuff that is all over the floors in the studio i.e. papers drying.

Coming up in March - The Little Gallery at Smith Mountain Lake is having a big Sale-A-bration! More to come on that. Waiting on word from the juriers for several other shows both east and west.

Here's are the works in progress and workshop pic's.

oil on canvas board - Bengal Eagle Owl

oil on canvas board - Salt River Wild Horse

oil on canvas board - Salt River Wild Horse - Sunrise Sip

Making paper in my studio

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Polar Opposites

In the evening between 4:30 - 6:30 the hummingbirds are getting in the last feeding of the day. This is also a battle of will power, who gets what feeder. There are body blows, tails flair, lots of noise, can't say they are singing as it is not a very pleasant sound these beautiful little guys create.

I sat around with my camera trying to catch the quick action of these small birds. My camera was not happy trying to focus on small, moving objects. I did manage to get a few shots I was happy with and as the birds settled down I looked up to see the "Snow Moon" rising between the mountains.

February Full Snow Moon, according to Farmer's Almanac it is the month with the heaviest snow falls. Additional names for this moon are "Hunger Moon", "Shoulder to Shoulder Around the Fire Moon" and "Bone Moon". The last one was from the Cherokees because the meat was limited in winter, they cooked with the bone, bone-marrow soup anyone?

My pictures today have a bit of opposition - hummingbirds and snow moon. Had an idea while writing this but it is taking too much time to layer the two images together, maybe later. These will have to do for today.

Monday, February 2, 2015

What's Next???

It is February, now that the January challenge is over what is next? Lots and lots I hope - this weekend I got the paints out, I could not get myself to paint in oils for this years challenge. Last year I used it to get back into painting with oils. This year was more about prep and finishing some larger pieces in pastel or charcoal.

The prep is paying off, I have several paintings under way. I did some of the sketching over the last month, now getting backgrounds and dark colors established. Today will be real painting, sitting at the easel and hopefully making art. I may even have to take the easel outside.

Along with painting this month, there will be paper making, a little book making, some Art Walks to check out new shows in town and a bit of travel. Paper making is this weekend, Friday - Saturday & Sunday. If you are interested there is room for a few more.  Just email me to let me know if you want more info or plan to come.

Some of the pieces for the 30-30 challenge have been submitted for shows - will keep you posted on when and where they end up. But, have had some inquires on pricing of different works. Some of the graphite pieces were done in my sketchbooks. I will not sell the original but will have prints. This months special will be a  print of the Day 1 owl sketch, available for just $20.15 plus shipping if you would like it matted additional $15.00 single mat $25.00 double mat. The pastels vary in pricing and size, email  me with any questions.

That wraps up the 30-30 challenge for this year. Will I do it again, not sure, we shall see, if I need a little kick start - maybe.  For show and workshop information check my web site for updates. I will post new works from the challenge and new paintings as they are done.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Play Misty

Today Mother Nature is Playing Misty For Me - I woke up in time to watch the sun rise from behind the mountains. The colors were soft and somewhat misty. I heard the hummingbirds battling over their territory and turned to look. The mountains had disappeared behind the mist. I know it won't last but it was interesting to watch the mist completely hide the mountains.

This type of soft diffused light is nice for photographing art work. I went for the camera, took a few shots outside and a few in the studio. I still find the best light to work from is what nature provides.

Have a Super Sunday!

What's That Sound???

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