Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Smells Like Rain

Walking around the backyard this morning as the sun was coming up from behind the mountains, you could smell the rain. In Arizona I have heard it said, if you rub the leaves of the creosote bush together, it is the smell of rain in the desert. I must admit I have tried it and find it is true.

The east coast rain is much earthier, the moss, the rich soil and layers of leaves give it that special smell. Right now, the east coast might prefer rain to the white stuff it is getting. As I type this the rain has started again. It rained last night and should only rain for part of the day.

The rain is always beneficial but when it rains in the winter out west it means beautiful, abundant fields of wildflowers. March is when the flowers really start to pop, not only the wild flowers but the cactus begin to bloom. Until then I will enjoy the smell of the rain and know the flowers are not far behind.

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