Saturday, January 17, 2015

One Size

In nature no one size fits all, as Rick & I walked around the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix yesterday I kept looking at some of the new trees they have and the unique shapes. The Boojum tree is one of those that is very different. It is native to the southwest, it is a species unto itself. It has a cone type shape with little branches come out all over it but not thickly covered. I don't see myself drawing the whole tree, maybe a branched area with a bird sitting in there. They have several new ones that were donated to the gardens.

We continued to walk around seeing the  palo verde and palo blanco, one has a very green bark, while the other is white with a light under color of green. Both are native to the S/W and have learned to survive because of the green pigment in the bark. The leaves are very small, one is even called the Little Leaf Palo Verde. Another native tree is the Mesquite with it's great textural bark, wonderful reddish under tones and seed pods that can be used for smoking/cooking. Last for today was the Quiver tree, this tree can be found in the S/W but I have seen this tree in South Africa too. This one I did a drawing of and will do another, maybe this year. It is the first time I have ever seen the Quiver tree in flower.

I used trees as my post today for the FB 3 paintings for 5 days I thought this was a good match. Here are a few photos to go along with the pieces already on FB. If you are in town you do want to put going to the DBG on your list of to dos and the zoo is right next door.

Quiver tree from South Africa
Quiver Tree AZ
Boojum Tree

Quiver Tree in Bloom

Mesquite Tree

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