Wednesday, January 7, 2015

On The Loose

Yesterday was one of those days. Everything I worked on lead me to a wall. Finally had to walk away from the computer. Missed that it was National Bird Day. Who comes up with these ideas? Can anyone make it Narional Something Day?

I tried sitting outside working on a little pastel. Thought I was keeping it loose but kept seeing too much. Too much detail, too many colors and I couldn't focus. I wiped it out left it to become the background for another day. 

What now? I changed directions, pulled out a few pictures of lion cubs. Grabbed a pencil and sketchbook. I have any idea for a painting, working out the details before I lay it out on canvas or cotton rag paper helps me see proportions. I start out with a mix between cross-contour drawing and gesture. Holding my pencil near the top so I don't focus on details. Looking with my eye and letting my hand, not my head do the work. I will do several of these types of sketches before I feel comfortable with my subject matter. 
It is a lot harder to work loose then you would think. Doing gesture and contour drawings is one of the best ways to improve you skills. They are the exercise of art. Keeping it loose helps you to see, relaxes the hand/arm contour and can be meditative for the mind. Try a few, let go and loosen up - watch that wall tumble down.

Contour: Drawing in a continuing line following the outline form.
Cross Contour: continuous line drawing crossing into the form. Keeping the pencil/pen to paper and eye on subject.
Gesture: scribble like motion in drawing. Using the line, thin, thick, line or draw to determine the form.
Day 7 of 30/30 lion cub graphite 

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