Friday, January 9, 2015

Fruits Of Our Labor

Art Walk in Old Scottsdale is every Thursday night. We went down for first time this year. There is a local winery tasting room, Su Vino, that we enjoy stopping in for app's & tasting. Which we did last night. Sitting at the bar area I was able to get a little sketch in while we enjoy the fruit of the vine. 
Hoping to start a once a month get together with fellow artists in the area for sketch night Art Walk. Stopping at Su Vino was a bit of a test run and think it will be a good place to start. Fourth Thursday will be Journaling date, January 22nd meeting at Su Vino just off Main St. At 5:00 pm. Bring sketchbook & dry medium to work with. Let me know if you plan to come- email me at:

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