Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dog Daze

Well, it is not summer but I am going with Dog Daze of Sunday. I was cleaning up photo files last night, backing them up, deleting them off the computer and getting some inspiration. When my computer is turned on each day I never know what image will pop up as the screen saver. I have several that rotate throughout the day. Today's first image was a puppy from our Alaska trip. His future would be in training as a sled dog in Denali. Soft, fuzzy and so very cute. It is because of that picture that I thought today's 3 in 5 FB post would be dogs.

Growing up we had dogs, cats and other critters. When we started traveling for longer periods of time we only had cats. Right now we are without any furry friends, as our two cats passed over the last year. I have been able to enjoy the pleasure of my friends dogs and cats. Often resulting in a commission for them. I have done paintings of service dogs, companion dogs it is always an honor to be ask to do a piece of work that is so personal to the individual.

Animals, all animals are a favorite subject of mine but when I do a commission it becomes a labor of love. Making sure that the colors are correct, that the eyes speak to the owner. That the spirit and love are captured in the portrait. If you are interested in a commission of your extended family member just send me a e-mail and we can work out the details.

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