Thursday, January 15, 2015

Artists for Conservation Exhibition

When we go to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, one of the things I always make a point of doing is going to the Ironwood Gallery. This year we discovered they are showing in the Baldwin Education Building, a bonus of art.

The Ironwood Gallery has on exhibit Artists for Conservation: A Juried International Exhibition of Nature in Art. The show will be on view from January 10th - March 8th, 2015. Check the web site for hours and additional special events.

"The exhibit was created to celebrate artistic excellence in the depiction of nature, raise awareness of conservation issues, and support organizations dedicated to addressing them." This quote comes from the book they have on sale at the gallery for the show. Looking around you will see that all the works on sale have information as to what conservation organization a percentage of the sale goes to assist. The average donation is 40% with the artist, after any other commissions, maintaining a percentage.

As a nature artist I enjoyed the show, some pieces kept me coming back to look at how they did that. The technique is always intriguing, composition, color, image and framing are the things I look at from an artist eye. But, I like what these artists are doing to help keep our wild places and wild life from being extinct in our life time. For more information on this organization here is the link.

Artist - Gemma Gylling "Animal Totem: Cougar and the Cloud Spirits" colored pencil 

Artist: Pat Latas "The Mircle Egg: the story of "Lisa 1" the kakapo" colored pencil & digital

Ironwood Gallery - Artists for Conservation

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