Friday, January 2, 2015

Already A Great Start

It has already been a great, surprising start to the new year. First time I have seen snow on cactus. But, I wanted to take a look back over last year - 2014 - just a few days gone by, memories to keep, as there are new ones in the making for 2015.
Day 1 30-30 2014 Funny Face

Wild Horses at Salt River in AZ

Street Mural, Phoenix, AZ

John came to AZ and we saw him again in OR


Some Birthday Celebration at Colonial Beach
Beach time with VA Tech friends, SC
Mtn. Lake with Dolores & Tim

Solo show at the Alumni Gallery, VA Tech

Hike up to Cascase Falls in VA
What's a trip to Boston without a tour

Teaching at Common Ground on the Hill

Gals trip to CA - Napa and more

Baltimore to meet up with Beccy & Wayne and of course have Blue Crabs

A few stops at Country Pleasures Farm to see Friends Eric & Lori

Trip to FL to hang with Debby at the beach

Thanksgiving in GA 
Luminaries at the Desert Botanical Garden

Day 1 30/30 Challenge  2015

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