Monday, December 22, 2014

Feels Like a Mocha Monday

Mocha Monday's are those days when I run low on coffee and still need a little something more. I generally have half of cup of coffee left in the pot and that just won't do, so I had a little cocoa, sugar and this time of year a touch of cinnamon is just so nice, add my alternative milk product, heat and drink!

It helps get me through the rest of the slow morning, doing computer work. Catching up on e-mails, making sure I have not missed too many deadlines for shows. Planning projects, cleaning out files, updating the web site. Which is almost done, will have it finished for the New Year.

I have been told I do too much, I push a little too hard, especially after recent surgery goings on but I feel pretty good and I feel better when I am in motion. So, it is the motion I am going for, I am looking forward to some time outside just painting. The studio looks pretty good, need to put back a few things that got pulled out for the Open Studio show. Pulling work together for the Solo Show opening on the 1st. Hmmm, another e-mail to double check on the hanging date. See Mocha Monday - dealing with the details and the business of art.

Moving on to those e-mails now - house is decorated, still need to wrap presents and finishing planning the holiday meals but that is all in those little details I do so well.

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