Friday, November 21, 2014

What's Old Is New Again

This week we had an opportunity to go to Wytheville, VA. Stopping by the new hotel named after Edith Bolling Wilson. There is a museum of her birthplace. Edith Bolling Wilson was the First Lady to President Woodrow Wilson. She was also a descendant of Pocahontas and other people in history whose names you would recognize. The museum features the stories of a strong woman, a political woman paving the way for the future of women. There are stories of canaries, orchids and bourbon, which you may just have to take a little trip to discover the whole story.

Wytheville was incorporated in 1889, rich in history as Evansham County, part of the Cumberland Gap. In 1863 Toland's Raiders captured the town. In 1864 & 1865 it was occupied by Union troops. The Old hotel was built in 1927, it has had many lives but what was old is new again, Bolling Wilson Hotel: located at 170 E. Main St., Wytheville, VA. A cross between charming historic and elegant contemporary. Included in the hotel is Graze Restaurant. Rick & I had a wonderful meal with the owners Bill & Farron Smith.

If you are driving along the east coast from here to there it is the perfect stopping point. There are local art galleries, a dinner theater and history to explore. As an artist if you like painting town scenes this is a place to go, if you prefer nature, horses well they are not far down the road. Next time you are looking for a little get away, an artists retreat you may want to check out Wytheville.

Edith Bolling Wilson photo from the Musuem & hotel in her name

Graze Restaurant & Bar

View from Bolling Wilson Hotel

Wytheville, VA

There's always a story of canaries...

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