Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Reasons Why

There are reasons why we all do what we do - why some artist choose one medium, style or subject matter. I believe in the connection between humans and their animals. I believe in the connections between land, sea, air and creatures that live within.

This week I finished the pastel painting of "Cody", a special dog portrait for a special friend. It is one of the reasons I am in Florida. I like to deliver special works unframed, so that any last moment changes can be easily made. The background colors are selected, the direction of image, vertical or horizontal is determined in the beginning, size of image, plus matting and framing. The technical part is at the beginning and the end. The middle is where an artists gets lost in their work.

The work comes from the heart, I am touched by the connections. It is why I do what I am doing and loving my job.

"Cody" pastel on Rives BFK paper 15X18" image

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