Monday, November 17, 2014

Playing In Photoshop

Now that I have new paints to play with, I need subjects. So, I go to my photo folders, in which there are many. After picking a few images to think about, I put them in photoshop. Sometimes I just print a straight out color photo on good photo paper. But, there are times when I play around in photoshop. I will convert the image to B&W, then take it into filters and make a line drawing from the B&W image. Usually, requires a little adjustment with brightness or darkness. This will give me a nice breakdown of the base image, removing much of the detail that can get in the way before the structure is applied to the paper or canvas. From there I can use the color photo to add layers of colors.

Taking the play time a little farther, I experiment with a different photo. I looked at it with the many filters, doing some line work, simplifying the background. Then using photo filters to add warmth or coolness. I tend towards the cool, the blues, this can help me look at my color palette. Reminding me to look at the warm colors, maybe use them as under-colors.

warm photo filter

cool photo filter

Enough of the play time, now I will pick out my image and go to work.

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