Wednesday, November 5, 2014

It's All About the Browns

I love toned paper, I like to take that white surface and cover it with one color. Shades of brown happen to be one that I use a lot, when I am not using blue. Burnt Sienna, a warm rusty red tone, rich and great for fall leaves. Burnt Umber, Raw Sienna, even the names are so much prettier then - Brown.

Since the fall colors are just about gone, we can focus on those variations of browns. The crispness of the leave, displays the graphic line making it oh so much fun to draw. Take a few minutes this weekend, go pick up some dried, brown leaves and just look at how beautiful they are, how amazing Mother Nature can be taking away the color but giving us a design element.

Try doing a toned paper sketch. Tape your drawing paper to a board, what ever you favorite is should work, my is Rives BFK. Take the side of a stick of soft pastel, rub it all over the paper. Use your hands, a gloved hand, a cloth or even a brush and push the pastel around to create a smooth even surface. Do a light drawing of your leaf with vine charcoal or charcoal pencil. Use a kneaded eraser and pull out some of the lightest areas, add details with charcoal or pastel pencils. Easy and pretty quick depending on the level of detail you would like to accomplish.

Done plein air in the reductive technique, it took several visits.

Toned technique works with animals as well as leaves

Brown leaves with harvest grapes

Shades of brown against a blue sky - prefection

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