Saturday, November 1, 2014

Changing Time Not Seasons

Mother Nature seems to be a little confused, but the Farmers Almanac is pretty accurate. On the east coast and in the middle of the country there is snow. Some areas 3-5 inches, in Virginia south of me there is anywhere from a 1/2 inch to 2 inches and it is still coming down. There was a lot of rain yesterday and more to come today with possible flurries. It is still fall isn't it?

Time changes this weekend, not the seasons but it is getting that winter feeling. It is the 305th day of the year with only 60 days till the end of the year. Today is All Saints Day, a day to celebrate all the saints. Is there a weather saint? The Farmers Almanac shows along the east coast that it will bring wet weather around Thanksgiving and wet snow around Christmas. Even down to Florida looks to be cooler. Arizona looks like it may be cooler, last year was 10 degrees above normal with only a few days of rain throughout the winter.

We still have leaves on the trees but over this next week I am pretty sure they will be gone or at least brown. The bright yellow ginkgo, the rusty sycamores, the glow of the maples have been harder to capture this year. I have even taken pictures in the rain. I was hoping to get out for a hike in the woods before all the leaves fell but don't think that will happen. Will just have to enjoy the moment, enjoy the day - before the snow arrives!

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