Friday, October 24, 2014

Till The Cows Come Home

Or till the cows come for apples. The cows at Country Pleasures Farm & Or hard are Belted Galloway, Belties for short. They are also nicknames Oreo Cows, they have black head and tail with white in the center. 
Each morning I watch them as I have my coffee. They have their routine, as they come closer to the fench line I walked down to take some pictures. Some of the old apples are dessert for the cows, if they think you have apples they will follow you anywhere. I threw them a few and they posed for a while. 
It is a nice way to bring in the morning. If you would like to see them for yourself come on out Saturday or Sunday October 25-26 from 11-6. Location: 6219 Harley Rd., Middletown, MD. 

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