Friday, October 10, 2014

The Chicken Or The Egg

It is World Egg Day, which is different from National Egg Day. National Egg Day is celebrated in June and started with the Romans around 10 BC because of a poultry plague. The Emperor needed someone to eat an egg to show they were safe again, thus began National Egg Day.

World Egg Day, which is today, is an International Event started in Vienna in 1996. Again to honor the powers of the egg. The super-food that is filled with protein, vitamins, minerals, choline which is stated to be good for your brain and memory. Eggs from what I read are good for eyesight helping to avoid macular degeneration.

If you are so incline, have an egg today. If you are an artist or creative soul, you may want to set up a still life using eggs. Eggs are one of the popular items for drawing. They have a great shape, they provide a wonderful subject to teach or learn about shadows. One of my favorites is drawing the lights, using white charcoal on black paper. Pull out that sketch book and pencil, take a moment, sketch an egg and maybe a chicken.

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