Thursday, October 2, 2014

Making Adjustments

Last night was all about making adjustments. Adjustments to images, in Photoshop, so that they can be submitted on line for art shows. Size does matter when it comes to shows or at least submitting for the show. It is not the size of the piece - most of the time. It is the size of the dots - dots per inch - dpi and the size of the pixels, squares. 

The pastel organizations across the country are starting to fall in line with the International Association of Pastels Socities, IAPS, requirements. Other groups not so much...I am getting better at keeping folders within my files as to what when into what show. Yet, from year to year art can get lost in the hundreds of folders. 

This is part of the business of art. Deadlines come and go fast in the art world. Choices are made for future shows, solo shows, web shows, gallery shows and more. I mark these deadlines on the calendar on my phone. I am getting better at checking it everyday to see what is coming up or what I missed. I am learning to adjust to constant change in this techno world.

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