Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fruits Of Summers End

This morning watching the sun rise through the mist of the trees made me more aware that summer has ended and fall moving quickly to winter is here. Well, kind of, there are still flowers blooming, bees are still doing their last bit to collect pollen and the fruits are still hanging on the trees.

The leaves are slowly turning, which makes for a beautiful fall. Depending on the storms that blow through they may give us nice color through the end of the month even into November. I love the crisp blue of a fall sky, with the complimentary orange of the leaves. While staying at Country Pleasures Farm I have had the chance to take lots of nice photographs for future works and just for memories.

Come on out take a few photos of your own this weekend. The art show is still going on and we even have some new inventory to add to the show. http://www.fineartsinthevalley.wix.com/fav

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