Saturday, October 25, 2014

Art Is Everywhere

I believe that beauty surrounds us, it is not only in what the artists eye & hand create. The inspiration for the artists work is frequently what is in front of them: the sunrise, the purple mountains, the cows in the field, or a single leaf. 

Art is part of who I am and I see it in the simple things we use each day. My morning coffee comes to me in pottery form. My servicing dishes too are individual handmade pieces. Some of my favorite clothing pieces are hand knitted, woven and assembled by an artisan.

Today several of the artist at the FAV show will be demonstrating how they make their own form of beautiful art. I will work on a plein air pastel painting, Marilu will work on scratch board and Tracy is restoring old photographs taking old treasures, bringing them back to their original beauty.

Come on by and capture some beauty of your own: 6219 Harley Rd., Middletown, MD from 11-6 today & tomorrow. 

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