Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Stuck In The Middle...

There are times when I can't get going because I am stuck in the middle. Too many things going on, too many directions to go. I have works that are just waiting to be finished, yet I can not get my heart, hand, head into the painting. I thought I was done with the organizing but there was still a little left over. Now, I am trying to think of what I want to take with me for a artsy travel trip that is coming up.

Doing my best to stay grounded although lately I have not been on the ground in one place very long. Delivering work for shows, family and friends. Running the roads took a large part of the last few weeks.

The trip that is coming up may have some opportunities to walk around, in the woods, sit under a tree and sketch. The fall is always busy but this year has been busy and does not look to slow down. For now I will go with the flow, pushing a little to get forward and out of the middle again.

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