Thursday, September 11, 2014

Going To Look For Inspiration

Some of the ladies from the Fine Arts in the Valley group are heading west to California for a little or a lot of inspiration. Marilu and I are planning to have some time sitting around a cafe, in the woods, in a park just getting inspired. Tracy with her sister Denise will be exploring and taking lots of photographs to have for the fall show.

The theme, well, let's just say there will be grapes involved and maybe some redwoods. We will be heading into Napa, Sonoma, Healdsburg, moving up along the coast to Mendocino County and over to Willits. Then working our way back down to Oakland with no set route at this time. A little exploring, a little walking, some sketching with friends and a toast to finding inspiration.

The hard part was getting the art supplies together. I have pastel sticks, very limited palette, lots of pastel pencils, regular pencils, watercolor pencils, a brush, eraser, sharpener, small drawing board, papers, sketchbook/journal and of course my camera.

More to come....

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