Monday, September 15, 2014

Earth, Vine, Art

This week we are in CA - yesterday Marilu, her daughters, Tracy & Denise and I were in Napa Valley area. 

We went into Yountville, a nice little town with some lovely art galleries. Lots of green spaces, grape vines are a part of landscaping in this area. Little parks with shady places to sit and sketch. Which we did get to do, nice break in the day. 

Stopped at Chimney Rock winery which has the same style of architecture that Marilu & I saw in our travels to South Africa. The young woman, that was our wine educator told us the story of the relationship between the owner, his wife, South Africa and the building was designed to remind his wife of home. Our educator was from VA and plans some day to go to Africa. 

I am always amazed at how this earth is not so big, the something as simple as a wine vine can connect and inspire. The art of architecture, the art of the grape, and the art of our hands. 

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