Monday, September 8, 2014

A Nice Surprise

This past weekend Rick and I visited Columbus, Ohio. The main reason for going there was VA Tech was playing Ohio State football that Saturday night. We have never been to Columbus before and what a surprise. The city is much bigger then we thought, the campus is very large and there is much to see.

One nice surprise was the Pizzuti Museum. It is a small non-profit museum housing a private collection of contemporary art. There are 3 floors in the building filled with abstract and modern  works of art. There is an outside sculpture garden and a terrace area over looking the city streets.

Short North is the part of Columbus that is the arts district. All around town you will see street murals. Many of the small shops, restaurants and offices are decorated with local artists work. The larger business and hotels have made a special effort to support the local small businesses and artists with a jointing of their works in public spaces. Art is everywhere, another nice surprise.

Although a short trip, it was a good one, our team won the game. Got to share a meal with good friends. Walked around Columbus and found lots of nice surprises.

painting without a canvas
metal & shadows



To learn more about these works of art you can visit the web site:

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