Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thursday Theme

The theme for today is elephants. Since, that has been the theme for the month. We will keep: Throwback Thursday going with that same feeling of support for the elephants.

In doing my re-organizational stuff this past week, I came across two monoprints. What is a monoprint? A hand-pulled print, usually done by the creating artist, me. They become one of a kind prints that use a matrix (not the movie) as the base for the print. What makes them mono or one of a kind is they are printed with different ink, on different paper or the image has been adjusted from print to print. Sometimes after the print has been pulled it can be manipulated by adding to it with hand made papers, Japanese papers, or hand-tinting. Each print becomes one of a kind.

The monoprint today was pulled at the beginning of the day, it is simple and with no additional work done to it, another day I may have the other print. The second print I want to play with, adding a little more depth to the line work.

The technique used was silicon intaglio. It is taking the etching/intaglio technique to a less toxic way of printing. No acid was needed to create the image. A silicon layer is applied to ball-gained aluminum plates, baked, line work is done with sharp tools, rolled with ink, paper applied and sent through hand cranked printing press.

The date for this print, way back, 1993. Special deal for the month till September 1st, 2014 is double $19.93 x 2 = $39.86 plus S&H $12.00 total $51.86. Print only, paper size 13X20 inches allowing a couple inches around the image. It is printed on Rives BFK acid free paper using burnt umber ink, Title: "Vanishing" (Asian elephant, Nancy, from the Smithsonian National Zoo, Washington, D.C. was the model)
If you are interested in purchasing this monoprint please send me an e-mail at:

"Vanishing" monoprint 13x20" sale price $51.86

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