Sunday, August 17, 2014

Make Room for...

This week has been end of summer, too much getting ready to happen, need to get organized kind of week. I got the cleaning bug and need to make room for me. My studio/work space/office is closing in around me. Trying to re-arrange things to make my studio a place to paint again.

Last year I moved my computer upstairs as the signal was too weak between floors. Now my office has invaded painting space. It worked for a while but as I do, I have too many projects going on at the same time and too many piles of stuff.

Even though I just read the article about how a creative person tends towards the un-organized. I need to make some space. Each artist has their own routine, when I want to paint and can't, I clean, organized and cook. The cooking part takes the place of the creative painting. I am just about at the end of this little routine, I cooked yesterday, been cleaning all week and now just need to attack the studio spaces.

My plan is to paint most of this week, finish framing and prepare some works for shipping. I do the bulk computer work in the morning. Then set up for studio time, lunch, back to studio until dinner. I have been doing little sketches, they are good exercise. It is time to get the routine back in order and make room for me.

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