Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What's In Your Bag?

Packing - again - this time for the business of pleasure. No matter where I go or what reason my focus is more on what art supplies to bring vs. what clothing to pack. 
This trip is no different. Get my check list out, pet sitter, house sitter, phone, camera, computer, chargers. All sounds pretty much like most people. Then I go to the studio sit down and start thinking about what I can work on while flying, while sitting in a park, on the beach or even in a cafe. I start to think of papers, colors, limited palette, travel watercolor, of course paint brush and reference pictures. Business cards check, art book a mini portfolio just in case so done asks about my work. Which is also in a feet on my phone. 
Okay ready for the business of vacation! Where oh where is Linda? Check in again to see what coast I pop up on!

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