Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Music of Art

I kept thinking of calling this blog, Dancing In The Dark, but I wasn't dancing I was sketching in the dark. Each evening at Common Ground on the Hill, there are lectures, music and sometimes dancing. The dancing starts tonight but during the talks and music I pull out my sketch book, in the dark and sketch a little.

It is kind of a exercise, contour drawing is done when the pencil meets paper and your eyes follow the contour of your subject. A gesture is a quick, scribble type sketch meant to capture the general information. What I do is a combination of both, especially in the dark. If I pick my pencil up I can't see where to put it back down again. So, I just scribble away, documenting that moment in time, keeping a visual memory in my sketchbook.

Keynote speaker: Jeff Singer

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