Sunday, July 27, 2014

Play Misty For Me

While on the Oregon coast there were lots of notes of misty being played. Most of the day there was a mist from the ocean that gave the rocky shore a soft glow. The light filtered through the trees creating it's own misty effect. The clouds held a misty layer covering the tops of the trees and at times even more then the tops.

I did a couple small sketches on the velour paper with pastels. I thought this would help create the misty look. Using white at the end and just lightly going over and into those areas that appeared misty. I like the look of the trees with the light pouring through and want to do a charcoal/pastel study, maybe even a larger piece.

Lots of great references for the tree projects I have in mind. I have started working up some small works to prepare and move forward on bigger pieces. But, till I get back east will just work on small works and inspiration.

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