Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Common Ground on the Hill

This week is the start of Traditions Weeks, 2 weeks of: music, dancing, viewing/creating visual arts, lectures and touching on those things we have in common with each other. I will be teaching next week July 6th - 11th, "Painting with Pastels" for all levels. Introducing working with toned Rives BFK paper, plus each day will have new tips & tricks. If the weather is good to us we will have one day of plein air painting. The week will end with a student exhibit on Friday.

Monday, July 7th at Rice Gallery, Peterson Hall, 6:45-7:45 I will join some of the artist exhibiting their works for a artists talk. It is free to attend the nightly art talks, each night throughout the week features different artists and their works. Following the artist talk at 8:00 each evening there are lectures, music and if you are so inclined a little dancing.

The weekend of July 12th-13th there will be an arts festival which is connected but a separate event from the educational programs. There is so much going on you don't want to miss it, great music, some amazing visual artists and a great way to share a couple of weeks.

For more information go to the web site, click on Traditions Weeks and you will find information on lectures and concerts. http://www.commongroundonthehill.org McDaniel College, Westminster, MD

Pastel & charcoal on coffee stained Rives BFK paper
on display at Rice Gallery, Peterson Hall, McDaniel College

Plein air painting at McDaniel College, Common Ground on the Hill

McDaniel College

Painting with Pastels, Common Ground on the Hill

Evening concerts, folk, jazz, latin...

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