Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Airport To Art Show

Arrived in Portland, OR about 12:45 - greeted by my son, John & husband, Rick. Have not seen either for a bit, John lives in Portland and Rick for the last month has been hiking around the NW part of the US.

We got organized, got in the rental car and headed over to see the "Cracked Pots" Art Show. Rick & I have been once before. It is an art show that encourages the use of recycled material, find a way to recreated and reuse.

The artist must use 80% of the materials in their art from recycled sources. There were stained glass works using old dishes, colorful bottles and windows with glass paint. One of the bookmakers used decks of cards for the outside cover of their small notebooks. Chopsticks made baskets, old metal containers, like those that holiday cookies come in or large tubs with popcorn became hanging lights. CD's turned into clocks, shovels became sculptures, extinguishers became chimes and just so many more brilliant ideas to reuse instead of throwing it away.

Of course OR being what it is, it rained, on and off. When it was on, it kind of poured. Lots of tents and umbrellas around. Some of the artists where on porches, some inside of buildings. Plus, there are restaurants, wine, distillery and beer tasting rooms. The gardens have grown and the fruit was loving the rain.

The show is only on for two days during the middle of the week. To find out more and maybe attend next year check out the web site. http://www,

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