Monday, July 28, 2014

A River Flows Into It

A river, a creek, a stream, a small body of water, they all flow into the ocean. We overlooked Slab Creek in Neskowin, which flowed into the Pacific Ocean in Oregon. We crossed it to get to the other side of Proposal Rock. Although not very deep, it was cold and with the tides the flow of the water was pretty strong. From what I can tell Slab Creek has a connection to the American River which runs in CA. There is a dam, sheer cliffs and rapids involved but none of the information was in any one place, so it is just a best guess.

As water ways find the final connection to the ocean they create beautiful ribbons running from one small body into a larger body of water. With the tides we watched the creek rise and fall. Following the creek, we watched the changes each day, morning tides take much more water out exposing the beach and rock formations. More on the up close and personal things you see another day.

The ocean in this area had strong rip tides, which were interesting to watch. A battle of two waves coming together and who would pull the other along. As they absorbed one another they would zip along at an increased speed. Very cool to watch, very scary to get caught in or under one.

I have always and continue to have a great respect for the power of water. I don't draw or paint a lot of water scenes other then for myself as I sit at the beach. But, I may need to do something with all these photos of water ways I keep taking. Until then I will keep posting photos.

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