Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Day Without Coffee

Monday, Monday, what a day, woke to no power, no coffee, rush hour traffic and hours on the road. But, it was the close to a great week of teaching, even better weekend with friends. Plus art sales from Common Ground, the VA Pastel show and Matrix Gallery!

Teaching is a great way to remind yourself of good practices in your art. A refresher so to speak. My students had great questions and they created some beautiful works. 

The weekend was spent with friends, planning upcoming art shows, travel, talking food, picking blueberries, wine and of course taking pictures.

The rest of the week is follow up with students and new friends. Then finishing the works that I started as demonstration pieces. It was all worth missing that cup of coffee, just don't want to make a habit of it. And don't want to forget the goat in the middle of the road!
Organic blueberries - yum

Marilu at Country Pleasures Farm
Student Show at Common Ground on the Hill, McDaniel College

A goat in the road???

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