Friday, June 27, 2014

Up North

This year is filled with lots of road trips, the latest was up to Michigan. While we were there we did a little hiking. We did the dune drive in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park and hiked up the trail to Pyramid Point. The point is a  dune that sits 400-450' above Lake Michigan. Hiking through a forest of maple, beech & pine trees. I have much more inspirational photos of trees and roots.

While driving around the many lakes in the area, out of the corner of our eyes something fairly large and white. Rick is great at spotting and getting the car off the road so I can get out to take photographs. We walked along the road to get to a little clearing and our prize was nesting Trumpeter Swans. We could not get too close, so they were not upset at our standing there watching them.

It was a slow start for spring but the flowers were blooming, corn just starting to grow, and trees were rich with green. I did get some sketching in, just rough ideas and notes. Next need a few photos of trees around the Virginia Tech campus and I can move forward with the tree projects I have in mind.

Look what we found on the dune drive!

Trumpeter Swans

Pyramid Point, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park

Pyramid Point, look in the lower right corner for a touch of red
that is a person at the bottom of the dunes.

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