Saturday, June 14, 2014


Yesterday, was a two-fer - we did two hikes in one day. It started out as an art delivery day. I was taking new work to Mountain Lake Lodge, Pembroke, VA. It is the lodge were Dirty Dancing was filmed. They have been working over the last few year remodeling, updating, adding to but one of the things that doesn't need to be touched are the woodlands. There are trails to hikes, lots of them. Rick came with me and after changing out the art, which is located in the gift shop, we planned to go hiking. The gift shop is a separate building across from the main hotel, which has a restaurant and separate bar.

Having work in a Gift Shop is an alternative to stand alone gallery. If the work is geared to the location, wildlife, birds, and nature is can be a memory gift to take with you after a visit. So, far it has been working nicely for me. Once we finished with the art, we headed over to the main building, had a nice lunch and we were off for a hike.

We picked Indian Trail which was around the lake, there is a path by the lake and a trail just inside the woods. We took the one in the woods. It is pretty easy till you get about half way, it starts to go up hill some, there are lots of large roots to be aware of but the gem is the big boulders. They reminded us of when we lived in Frederick, MD we had big granite bounders on our land. It was peaceful and beautiful. Inspired me to want to bring materials back there to paint.

As we were wrapping up the hike, there were mountain laurel in bloom. The blackberry bushes were in flower, but the rhododendron were just starting to bud. Which brings me to the second part of the two-fer. We had been to Pandapas Pond recently and the rhododendron there were in bud and I wanted to see if they had started to flower. Since, it is right down the road from Mountain Lake we headed over there. The flowers were not yet ready but they are close, maybe another week. But, we did see lots of geese, couple of black snakes, heard the frogs, saw trout in the pond and a few butterflies to wrap up our two-fer hike.

Back to Blacksburg for some refreshments and to review the pictures I had taken to get me painting soon.
Indian Trail, Mountain Lake Lodge

Mountain Lake 

Mountain Lake
Mountain Laurel

Pandapas Pond

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