Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The ole 2 steps forward...

Took new work into The Little Gallery at Smith Mountain Lake yesterday. It is located at: 16430 Booker T. Washington Hwy., Moneta, VA. It is on the lower section and as you look out from the store you see water and boats. It may be small but it is filled with wonderful artworks. The gallery has meet the artists on weekends. Check their website for events throughout the year.

Got home and took one look at the studio/office space and I kid you not, there is not a lot of space to walk. Being careful not to step on any artwork that is on the floor. Which right now is a lot. I am still trying to get more work framed for other locations. Need to submit to shows with deadlines coming up very soon! Have commissions that are half done, just waiting to be finished.

I do feel like I am doing the 2 steps forward, 1 step back lately. The oil paintings are going well but just about have them spread throughout Virginia in shows and galleries. Not a bad thing but already have requests for some larger works. Today will be clean up day, kind of, will try to organize what needs to be framed. Order glass and frames, going by local art store, Mish-Mish, to pick up some canvases. Phone calls to be made for appointments and deliver more work.

It is a good time of year for the arts on the east coast. Good and busy, just need to keep that one little step ahead of things.

The Little Gallery at Smith Mountain Lake

"Zambezi Power" oil on canvas 4x12" $300.00 available at the gallery

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