Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Color of Rain

It is not the rain itself that has a color but the change of color rain creates. The gray of the sky is that mid-tone neutral gray that artists like to use when taking photographs. Colors appear more intense against the gray. A clear blue sky with a bright sun will play with the eye, making things look darker or lighter.

After a rain, the bark of a tree can be filled with color. I have had people inquire, was that color really there or did you make it up? I am pretty true to nature, I have pushed the limits at times but I like to paint what I see. What I see may not be what you see. The more time I take to look, the more colors I see.

Take a walk in the woods after a summer shower, look at the leaves, flowers, bark, rocks or even the ground. Just looking outside my window the sky is gray. The mountains have a blue-violet misty color, there are at least 10 shades of greens in the trees at the base of the mountains, with touches of yellow, burnt sienna, dark browns and even some purple-pink. That is just the visual, the sounds and smells are for another day.

Today I will prepare paper and canvas for some new works. At least one will be a tree with some hidden colors and maybe a few exposed roots.

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