Monday, June 16, 2014

Naturally Inspired

This weekend was filled with nature. We did 3 hikes, Mountain Lake, Pandapas Pond and Cascade Falls. The last was the longest at a little over 4 miles. The first 2 miles we took the trail that ran nearest the water.

This is a National Park and they did a great job of making stepping paths with rocks and logs but it was still a bit steep. Which meant I took a fair amount of breaks, luckily I could combine most of them with taking pictures. My focus was on the trees and roots. I did take pictures of the water fall that is at the end of the first 2 miles. With all the snow and rain, it was running full force. A few brave souls even took a dip in and under the falls.

While we were at Mountain Lake we saw red tailed hawks in a mating dance. The males will fly as high as a 1000 feet, diving at 100 mph to impress the ladies. He will gentle touch her and they may take off together locking talons in a brief dance. Once that is done, the male will bring her a gift of food. Red tailed hawks mate for life. Rick & I both got to see this wonderful moment but I did not have the long lens on the camera, so we will just have to keep that moment of nature in our memories.

Naturally, I am filled with inspiration. I have new works hanging at the shop at Mountain Lake, The Little Gallery on Smith Mountain Lake and at the Holtzman Alumni Center Gallery. Since, most of my newest works are out there I need to get working. No excuses as I have lots of reference material just need to figure out what to do first.

Cascade Falls 6-2014

Caacade Park

Along the fire road trail Cascade Park 

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