Friday, June 13, 2014

Getting Your Feet Wet

More like keeping them in the water...keeping art going, is kind of like getting your feet wet over and over again. Each spring/summer as you get your feet in the water for the first time it can be a bit shocking. Making art, getting it ready for shows, applying for shows has some of that same effect.

Lately, as I apply for shows I find myself looking more at past shows at that gallery and those people who will jury the show. If it does not include wildlife or trees, I start to think, is this worth my time and money to even apply?

I keep making new art, it is what I do, it is part of me and I hope to do it as long as my hands will allow. As I read an article this morning by Liz Wiltzen about Robert Genn, who recently passed, she had a quote by Virginia Woolf, "Arrange whatever pieces come your way". The whole article touched me but I really liked the quote. We have to deal with what life gives us, then rearrange our lives here and there.

I will keep sticking my toes in the water, testing the temperature. Other times I may just jump in and hope for the best!

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