Monday, June 9, 2014

A Little Inspiration

This past weekend was more than a little inspirational. Filled with history, osprey, water, beaches, and friends. Marilu, her daughters and I were at Colonial Beach, VA. Which was originally founded by great, great grandpa Monroe and was called Monrovia in 1650. James Monroe was born there and a monument marks his birthplace. George Washington was born near by and there is a National Monument in his honor. Alexander Graham Bell's families summer home still stands. Colonial Beach was once the playground on the Potomac River. The land is Virginia but when you get in the water you are in Maryland.

One of the biggest inspirations for me and Marilu were the osprey. They were nesting and everywhere. We had one nest right outside the little house we were staying. Which had the sun rising over the river each morning. A fine way to have one's coffee, sitting listening to the water lapping the shore line, watching the sun rise and listening to the osprey. Of course we had our cameras at hand and now have many, many pictures of the osprey. They are a curious and protective bird, they mate for life and let you know if they are not sure they like you there. They talk to you, they look at you as they do a fly-by.

The osprey are about 24 inches tall and have a wing span of 71 inches. They nest by the water and their claws are specially adapted for fishing, the main food source. Osprey go by several other names and are found just about everywhere in the world. Called: sea hawk, river hawk and (American) fish eagle. There is an African fish eagle, which I am going to do more research to make sure it is not an osprey. They are in a class of their own, Pandion haliaetus, Pandion was a Greek King in Athens who was turned into an eagle.

Now that I am filled with knowledge and inspiration, thanks to Wikipedia, I now need to finish framing, deliver work, clean my studio to make room to get back to that easel!

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