Friday, May 2, 2014

The Other Side Of Art

Yesterday I spent the day organizing, wrapping, packing, measuring, and doing the other side of art. I love being in AZ for the winter. Not so crazy about having to get work back east for solo show, change work at galleries, materials for workshops and fall shows.

Ironically Marilu was kind of doing a similar thing. She was doing the prep and framing work to hang her solo show this week. She will be driving her work to it's location in Laurel. I will be mailing a few boxes, plus going to try a little something different. Since, I am working a bit bigger and in oils on canvas, thought I would check the measurements of my portfolio. It should work, right size, so I am wrapping the painting and packing them to take on the plane. They will fly with all the other luggage, so I have padding all around. This will either be a really good idea or a very mad mistake. We will know soon.

Plus, I have no room to carry them on with me as I will have our little Miss Granite, our 16 year old cat. Who is becoming a pretty good jet setter. And all the stuff you must have as carry-on: computer, kindle, phone, cameras, lenses, and on and on...

As I said, I love AZ but do wonder when I will get to the point that moving art from here to there just stops. I guess when I stop making art and that does not look to be anytime soon!

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