Sunday, May 4, 2014

Side Effect

The side effect or benefit of shipping art back east is my studio also gets cleaned. Once all the cardboard, bubble-wrap, protective papers and tape are put away, the studio starts to look a little empty.

Yesterday was final mailing and clean up day. All those little bits of stuff on tables, on the floor, pretty much everywhere...So, today my studio sits all clean and kind of sad looking. A lot of the work that has been living there are gone. There is nothing on the easels or drawing table.

Things are just a little too organized. Might just have to go sit down and at least doodle a little.

I do have things to keep me busy over the next few days. Got the last pastel meeting of the season this afternoon. Since, the weather is calling to be hot, hot, hot...heading out for my walk shortly and starting to say good-bye to AZ.

Gila woodpecker on top of agave 

Gambril Quail enjoying the view

hummingbird at the aloe plant

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