Wednesday, May 28, 2014


This past couple of weeks I have found it hard to write. With the Memorial Day remembrances, my thoughts have been elsewhere. I have been remembering family and friends that served our country. Plus, spouses of service men/women, some who have recently passed.

As an artist I have an outlet in dealing with grief. I can get lost in my work, I paint and allow my heart to heal a little while doing something creative. I have know many artists dealing with their own medical issues or grief and they allow those emotions to do the painting. I just paint, this past weekend my friends where understanding of my need to paint. We had come together for the long weekend. I found a prefect little spot to sit and paint, a little deck that stayed shaded most of the day.

I worked about 15 hours while I was there, almost finishing the piece I had started in AZ. Have work will travel! Today I will wrap up the oil painting so it will have time to dry as it is going into the solo show that will be hung next week at Virginia Tech.

Mountain Laurel in bloom - reminds me of when I lived in Frederick, MD

Remembering those we have lost.

There is always some blue sky behind the darkest clouds.

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