Friday, May 16, 2014

Looking Forward

I am looking forward to July. I will be teaching a pastel workshop at Common Ground on the Hill, held at McDaniel College, Westminster, MD.  As I was moving art work out of the studio, downstairs to organize what goes in what shows, I ran across papers and pastels I wanted for the workshop. They now are all together, I am sure I will still have things to add to the collection.

This workshop is part of a two week event. I am teaching the second week. There are talks, music, visual arts, room, board and maybe a little dancing at the end of the day. To check out the fees and what you can do go to the web site, click on Traditions Weeks.

The class is geared for all levels of pastel artists, those that have never done pastels to those that are looking to add to their bag of technical tricks. We will use my favorite paper, Rives BFK, a sanded pastel paper, handmade papers, and more. Working from still life set-ups, photographs (you can bring your own) and optional day of plein air painting.

It is a fun and event packed week or two. Hope you can come join me for a week of creativity.

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